Working Girl Lifestyle is an online guide for working women curated by Alba Benítez. WGL talks to young and passionate career women. Success is an attitude that we can put in practice day by day and I want to share the keys to it with you, working girl. As I learn from my own experience, let me take you for a ride to discover and achieve your passion. Want to come along?

I started blogging back in 2006 as a way to express and share my creative self. Curiosity and the will to explore all the possibilities have led me to experiment with many different ways of creative expression – from photography and crafts, all the way to fashion and writing. Looking back to this creative path I realised that there was a common ingredient: everything I did had to do with self expression, they all wanted to communicate something.

Communication fascinates me at all levels: from how we express our identity and our thoughts, how people communicate in the face to face, how we present ourselves online, etc., to the strategies of the big brands and how small businesses tell their part in the world. But it is the universe of social media that catches me the most and keeps me very awake in the face of its continuous evolution.

I graduated in Advertising and Public Relations to learn the tools that would help me to continue communicating with one goal: to help people and brands to strengthen and boost their growth. For more than five years I have been fully dedicated to branding and social media content strategy, now from Plural Consulting, the business consultancy that I have cofounded.



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