Night beauty routine

Friday March 15th, 2019

On the occasions when I have shared on social media the new beauty or makeup products that I am using, some of you have asked me about those I use in my night beauty routine. Although I’ve already been sharing bits and bobbs here on the blog and on Instagram Stories (you’ll find them in highlights ‘Beauty‘), here I share with you the whole routine that I follow at night.

If you read my post about Beauty and Bodycare Basics you’ll already know that I find myself in a bodycare hype moment, that is why I continue in my mission to find those products that feel good to my skin and that are also as natural as possible. In practice, this means that I try every cream, serum, mask and makeup that falls into my hands. I still cannot say that 100% of my beauty stash is organic, natural or zero waste, but I’m slowly getting there. At Christmas I incorporated some new interesting products from purchases and gifts, so I’ve waited to have used them consistently and even finished some of them to give you my honest opinion. Here we go!

Although I’m still confused about the proper order of applying products, I surely know that cleansing goes first. I’ve been using micellar water for many years to remove makeup from my face and I’ve tried several brands and formulations until I found my favorite of the moment (Intense Cleansing H2O by Tahe) and my ‘never-again’ (Agua Micelar de Sephora). I was very excited to try the plant-based formula by Mimesis Sensations, an Herbora line, as it meant incorporating a natural product that is also vegan, but the relationship has not worked … probably because of my skin type, every time I used it it made my eyes sting so I quickly returned to Tahe’s. I like it because it is soft and nice on the skin and also smells really nice, but I think I can find something better. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in comments!

I apply micellar water with the help of reusable organic cotton discs, already a classic in my bathroom. They are wearing out quite well, I wash them by hand immediately after each use and only from time to time I put them in the washing machine to clean them really well, but maybe it’s time to replace them me with new ones. I’ve already peeked at some options by Alma Eko that have a different fabric on each side for different uses, I’ll tell you about them if I try them ;-)

If I used a lot of makeup, I like to finish the cleansing step with a little water and the Amazing Face Cleanser from Aesop, a very mild soap with mandarin rind, Ylang-Ylang and lavender stem that I love.

The next step would be to gently dry brush my face. And I say ‘would be’ because I was recently recommended not to do so by a beauty professional. My skin is of a greasy tendency, but it is also sensitive and maybe because I focused so much on the first, I have never noticed the second. Now that I look more closely, I realize that the redness in the cheeks are constant and that my skin reacts very obviously to stress or any hormonal imbalance, so following the advice of the esthetician I have reduced the exfoliation to only once a week and the rest of the days I jump straight to hydration.

Before moisturizing, and depending on how my skin feels that day, I sometimes apply a little tonic water that currently is Hydra Floral moisturizing lotion by Decléor. Tonic water is a classic and its scent reminds me when it was a little girl and I used to poke around my grandma’s bathroom, entertaining myself with her makeup and trying out all the stuff she had there, among them the rose water.

As a moisturizer I still use Caudalie’s VineActiv detox night oil: I love its aroma and in the morning my skin looks hydrated, healthy and juicy. From the same Caudalie line I am testing the VineActiv eye contour. Lately I’ve spent so many hours a day on the computer that dark circles have turned into an important issue when I had never worried before, so in addition to drinking water, try to rest my eyes as many times as possible and that long etcetera theory we already know, I have started applying this moisturizer to the area around the eyes. At the moment I am happy with it because it seems that my dark circles are better, but it is too early to give a definitive verdict. Do you use this type of product? Do you have any recommendation to instantly reduce the eye bags swelling in the morning?

Although it is not part of my night routine, here’s an extra of hydration that I apply in those moments of homemade spa in the weekend. I apply Dior‘s Hydra Life mask (very fancy, huh?), let it act for 10-15 minutes and then I remove it with a dampened cotton muslin. The result is very obvious and I will be very sorry the day it’s over! Although I have another one ready to try: the Goddess Skin Clay Mask by Charlotte Tilbury.

Another extra I’ve tried, but this time is a never-again despite all the opportunities I’ve given to it, is the My Payot Sleeping Pack. It is a night treatment that does all the work while you sleep, so you apply it at night and remove it with water the next morning. I don’t quite like the texture once the skin absorbs it and I can’t notice any difference in the morning, so I am going to pass on this product to a better home.

Do you know what it is to wake up on any winter morning, make a minimal gesture with your mouth and notice how your lip rips apart? If you know, you are not alone and I tell you that one of the additions that makes me more excited is the hyaluroil lip treatment by Twelve Beauty. Since I apply a good layer of this super natural oil every night I keep the lips hydrated and they have not dried, cracked or peeled as did every winter until now. It is also fragance free, so you don’t have to worry about whether you like the smell or not.

Last but not least – the Aesop toothpaste, which although it is not a beauty product it is worth mentioning because, in addition to having natural antimicrobial properties and reducing the accumulation of plaque, its flavor is a must. Being used to the classic menthol, noticing the wasabi and cardamom oil favlor was shocking at first but then it became pleasant and even addictive.

Brief mention of the bamboo stick that appears in the photo: it is Oriculi, a great zero waste alternative to plastic ear swabs. Need I tell you more?

Nighty night, beauties!