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Tuesday August 14th, 2018

When it comes to beauty and personal care products, I like to nose around the recommendations of blogs and people whose criteria I trust and I read all the opinions I can before making a decision. But I also get carried away almost blindly by what two of the women who inspire me most share: Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright. Both have a huge social conscience and have used their influence to help improve society and the planet by fully engaging in issues such as feminism and the preservation of the environment. Among all they share, are the tips on organic, cruelty-free, zero waste beauty products that push me every day more towards the interest in caring for the body and the planet.

With all this, in the last year I have filled the shelf of my bathroom with personal care basics that I would proudly show to wellness and beauty institutions such as Goop or Into The Gloss & their ‘The top shelf’ if they wanted to have a look into it. Also, products on which I would speak non-stop to convince my friends to try them because they are worth it, as much as I’m going to do right here with you. You’ve been warned! At the end of the post you’ll find the shopping list to make it easier for you to fall into temptation.

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1 | Dry brushing. In Goop I discovered it, Made in Tribe made me try it. When they came up with their ‘1 month of dry brusing body’ challenge in February, I joined and I turned this body exfoliating treatment into a daily habit. Since then, every night I dive into my ritual of massaging my whole body in small, smooth circular motions starting at my feet and going upwards. I use a specific brush by Hydrea London made with natural bristles of medium hardness and a body cream or body oil (depending on what I feel like) that I apply after the massage to moisture the skin. The results were there from the first day – very smooth skin with a great tone and less encysted hair. Brushing removes the dead cells on your skin and makes it easier for any products to be absorbed, especially those of the anti-cellulite type, but best of all for me is the pleasure of giving myself a lymphatic massage that makes me feel energized. You have to try it!

2 | Natural deodorant from Aesop. I’m a fan of its intense scent, and if you are more of the likes of softer or floral scents it may even seem masculine, but I assure you it is unisex (although if it were not so, there would be no problem, don’t you think?). What I like the most is that it is respectful towards the skin and the environment: it is aluminum-free, made with completely natural ingredients and comes in a sprayer format, so you can reuse the container or throw it into the yellow container and contaminate less than with an aerosol. Altough it is rather more expensive than a random supermarket deodorant, for me it’s still very much worth it. What’s more, I’m thinking about trying crystal deodorant and getting rid of all kinds of deodorant containers (plastic-free movement, here I am!), so if you’ve tried it, I’d love to read your opinion in comments.


3 | Fluid SPF 50+ from Avène. An every day essential, no matter the season or the day, be cloudy, thundering, snowing or, of course, a dazzling sun. The clouds don’t stop the UVB-UVA rays and we can burn our skin the same, so the first thing I do after washing my face in the morning is to apply the sunscreen if I’m not going to use any serum before. Although its formula is biodegradable, I would like to find a toxic-free alternative that works just as well for me as it is. It doesn’t leave any white trace and feels mat and nice on my skin.

4 | Face brushing. The same routine as body dry brushing but on the face and with a smaller brush, with softer bristles and very similar to the one used to comb babies (some say you can start face brushing with a baby hair brush…). Every night after removing make-up and before applying any tonic, oil or cream, I gently brush the face in circular movements to clean the pores and eliminate dead cells, leaving the softest skin ever.

5 | VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil from Caudalie. Looking for oils with which to moisture my face skin after brushing I bumped into Caudalie’s. I hadn’t tried their products before and I must admit that I was a bit afraid of the oil situation considering my greasy skin, but I gave it a chance and I’m really enjoying the results because of its dry finish. Since I follow this routine I notice that I hardly get pimples and the tone of my skin the morning after is glorious. I also take this moment as a little aromatherapy session before going to bed: I apply four drops of the oil in my cheeks, forehead and chin and I gently massage the product until it is absorbed. Then I place my impregnated hands over the nose I take three or four deep inhalations to feel the nicest grape scent. Voilà, a spa at home.

6 | DHC mascara. It’s the greatest and my first repurchase is already on the way. I discovered it in Emma Watson’s into The Gloss interview and I bought it immediately because I love how she does her eyes (solid argument, huh?). It is waterproof, it lasts intact all day and it is eliminated with warm water, avoiding the irritation that it causes to rub makeup remover products in the eyes.

7 | Reusable make-up remover discs. This is one of the recommendations I blindly followed from Bonnie Wright and, with total honesty, it has marked a before and after in my beauty routine. I don’t miss at all the conventional cotton disks or the strands mixed with the remains of makeup that they leave in the lacrimal, nor having half the make-up removed and realizing that I have run out of disks, nor the absurd daily residue that they suppose (if you put on makeup every day, of course). The ones I’m using are made of organic cotton and I wash them by hand after each use by rubbing them with soap pill. I bought them at Sin Plástico.


Working Girl Lifestyle | Alba Benitez | Blog | Belleza productos eco organicos zero waste sostenible


Last but not least, I want to introduce you to two life-changing body care essentials. The first, my bamboo toothbrush. Can you imagine how many used and dumped plastic toothbrush are out there in our Planet? Start by counting the ones you’ve used during your life… I didn’t need deeper thinking to switch to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. That simple. Easy, huh? The second and ultimate essential is the menstrual cup. Oh my word. I don’t know where to begin with this one. I was worried about so many things – the toxic shock syndrome, the itch and the odour, the comfyness, the pollution that tampons and pads caused in the environment (multiply the women in the Planet x all their periods x the pads&tampons used)… and after doing a little research I went straight for a menstrual cup. It costs around 30€ and you can count its use life in years. Literally, you don’t need anything else but the cup during your period. If you feel like this could be for you, I encourage to have a look and find the brand and size that fits you the best. Also let me know if you’d like me to write a blog post about it, I’m eager to share my experience!




VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil,
by Caudalie


Perfect Pro Double Protection mascara,
by DHC


Fluid SPF 50+,
by Avène


Face brush,
by Hydrea London


Body brush,
by Hydrea London


Reusable make-up remover discs,
by Sin Plástico


by Aesop


Menstrual cup,
by Mooncup


Bamboo toothbrush,
by Naturbrush


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