Working Girl: Mery Garriga

Friday September 16th, 2016

Are you ready for a new season of Working Girl Interview? I am! The opening episode is in charge of the same thinking head that designed the new image of Working Girl Lifestyle: the graphic and interior designer Mery Garriga. Let me tell you about our story…

Begin at the beginning, Pinterest wasn’t as popular as it is today. You still had a chance to keep updated on new content and there were really few profiles beautifully curated like Mery’s was. It was the inevitable consequence: I spread my love over her pins, later over her Instagram and later over her work, asking her to reinterpret my whole website image.

Mery’s creative eye finds beauty in soft colors, pure textures and subtle yet powerful details. Calm is the word to describe her work. Don’t want to make you wait anymore… keep on reading to discover how is it like to love every bit of what you do.

Working Girl Interview | Mery Garriga

1 | Name and age
Mery Garriga, 26.

2 | Your city
I was born in Barcelona and here’s where I live. Love this city. Recently I discovered Copenhague and I’m crushed on it, still I wouldn’t trade Barcelona for anything else.

3 | Your soul is divided between interior and graphic design. How does your story begin?
I started studying graphic design without a particular reason. I’ve never been an outstanding student, but I’m passionate about tasteful aesthetics, in every aspect. When I finished my studies, I gave interior design a try and that was when I knew that encompassing both disciplines was the best thing I could do. Now I cannot do without any of them.

4 | The decision that boosted your career
Right after finishing university, I did an internship at an interior design studio with Àlex Giró. Eventually I got a job there, but few time after, I decided to become a freelancer to give a push to my graphist side while I keep on collaborating with Àlex, so I can’t complain: I work many hours but I do EVERYTHING I love.

Working Girl Interview | Mery GarrigaPhoto via Alicia Macías

 5 | Working on many different projects for different clients may ask for an endless source of creativity. Where do you get inspiration?
I’d love to give you a magic formula or tell you that my ritual for inspiration is to disconnect at the right time, sleep 8 hours and go for a run every morning, but everyone who knows me good knows that it’s not true. I love my job and sometimes I just can’t get enough, stop working for doing other things.
Two of my greatest sources of inspiration are magazines and Pinterest (I have a gazillion of boards!)

6 | How is it to work at a shared space with other freelancers? What are the pros and cons, if there are?
From my very own point of view, there are no cons! I’m surrounded by awesome people and the atmosphere is great. We’re all interior designers, which makes us share from hobbies to headaches… Maybe loneliness is the worst part of freelance life, that’s why I really appreciate being in a co-working. We spend so many hours together that we can consider ourselves a family.

7 | I adore your Instagram feed, I discover beautiful places in Barcelona that I didn’t know before. How do you get to be everywhere?
Commuting by motorcycle and having several work visits a day allows me to explore the city in an agile way. Barcelona is full of beautiful places to discover! I take every chance to leave the studio, from a meeting to hanging out with friends.

Working Girl Interview | Mery Garriga

Working Girl Interview | Mery Garriga

8 | Your own definition of success
I think that getting to enjoy what you do and your everyday life is the key to success.

 9 | Favorite outfit for work
Almost every day I have onsite work visits, so I go for something basic and comfortable and flat shoes.

10 | Favorite shopping spot in your city
Definitely, Vinçon was the best design store in the city. It’s a shame that they closed it a year ago because, despite there are plenty of shops selling beautiful design, none of them has the magic of Vinçon. For clothing and accessories, Sueños Negros has a wonderful selection!

11 | Best place for a coffee break in your city
Lately Barcelona is full of nice places, for a good breakfast or brunch I recommend Petit Bo. This café stole my heart from the very beginning. For lunchtime, I love the Asian Tonkotsu in Valencia street; for dinner, the new Green Spot. When I have to choose a café or a restaurant, apart from being inescapably conditioned by aesthetics, I’m also bounded by my lactose intolerance, and these three places offer really good options.

12 | Last but not least… What would you tell to your younger self on its first day of job?
The nicest thing of your work is to enjoying it!

Working Girl Interview | Mery Garriga

Thank you Mery for sharing your story with Working Girl Lifestyle! Make sure you follow Mery Garriga on her Instagram and Facebook.

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