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Wednesday June 29th, 2016

I’m all about short but intense stages. Life is constantly motion and I like to keep its rhythm, evolving as a person under my truth of nothing ever is definitive. I live day to day and the quote ‘Let’s see how it goes’ is my master plan while walking on a clear direction, but unafraid to try different paths. Working Girl Lifestyle was unplanned, or at least I can’t remember the Aha! moment in which I decided to turn my blog into what it is today.

For the past times, I’ve been feeling the need to take things to the next level and open a new stage in Working Girl Lifestyle. After a month of work, meetings and crossing emails, I can finally show you the new WGL’s look.

As I told you before, I’ve always been a curious creature and I like to do things by myself, trying to learn what I (yet) don’t know. With this blog I got into web design and coding, but I hadn’t learn enough to be happy with what I did for WGL. For the past months in the blog, hard work has started to pay off, so I decided it was time to give it a push and ask for professional help to start a new chapter. Who better than Mery Garriga and Caro Adrover for it? It has been sooooo easy to work with them… I knew that Mery would perfectly represent WGL’s mood and who I am, and so it has been. Caro has taken over the coding to give life to the design, finding a thousand solutions to all my ideas and taking care to the smallest detail. I couldn’t be more in love with the result!

Working Girl Lifestyle

What’s new?

WGL will continue talking about a lifestyle, career and style. Now in the top menu, you can easily access all the categories and quickly jump to the newest Working Girl Interview. Soon you’ll get to meet a working girl who loves design in all its forms ;-)

What excites me the most is the home page, the first thing you’ll see when you type down www.workinggirllifestyle.com. I’m a photography lover and I believe in its capacity to communicate, so you can imagine that both Instagram and Pinterest are, definitely, my thing. There I find so many images that I like, that it would be impossible to share them all without turning this blog into a sort of Tumblr. That’s why the home page will be the place to pleasantly share a bit of my images collection, which I’ll keep updated. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, they say, and I think that this selection can inspire as much as a written post.

If you’ve come this far and you want more, I invite you to discover all the Working Girl Lifestyle content and subscribe for free to stay posted (subscription box in the footer). If we already knew each other from previous stages… welcome back! :-)


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