Tuesday May 31st, 2016

There’s something funny about Anne Hathaway’s films. I like to think that two of her titles can sum up my career so far… Guess which ones? Yes, one is Devil Wears Prada. The other may not sound familiar to you: The Intern, a movie co-starring Anne and an adorable Robert de Niro. Don’t panic, I won’t throw any spoiler on here. Not my intention at all, or explaining why the comparison. My goal is to speak out the thoughts that came to my mind after watching the movie… Too big to keep them inside me!

[But first, a much needed confession: yes, my guilty pleasure is this sort of romantic comedies. I’m not lying when I say that I’ve seen Devil Wears Prada more than 10 times. That’s me!]

The Intern seems the logical carry-over of the career of Andy Sachs, our tender girl and main character of Devil Wears Prada (DWP for short) whose learning on the fashion field is based upon monologues about cerulean blue and the somewhat questionable requests of Miranda Priestly –a clear caricature of Anna Wintour, isn’t her? A hard journey by the industry of fashion, no doubt, one that Andy quickly gets the beat.

In this kind of second part, Andy becomes Jules Ostin, a real working girl from the millennial generation that has managed to catch my heart and set in her a reference to learn from both the good and the bad. Jules is the founder of a start-up about online fashion shopping which has reached a more-than-well-deserved success in less time than expected. You can imagine the frantic rhythm that moves the office and Jules’s own life. Battery-charging! She has nothing to do with a ruthless boss pulling the bag on her assistant’s desk – she’s warm and friendly but also disciplined and phenomenally badass. I can see in her a thousand things that inspire me: Jules puts a lot of pressure on herself, she is personally involved in everything with absolute dedication to the project and she’s so enthusiastic about her dream born on her kitchen table.


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Sure, you think it is just a movie and everything sounds fantastic. But, precisely, what I like about The Intern is that it also shows the other side: the ‘nothing is perfect’ side. Every effort has its rewards and also its sacrifice. Jules Ostin is a successful woman who also carries her own contradictions and problems outside the office. The fact of feeling identified with her in the ‘working girl spirit’ has approached me in a deeper way to her story, questioning myself and reconsidering some matters. In small doses, I juggled studies, personal projects, work (actually more than one job), and personal / social life. Trust me I’ve learned the lesson: you can’t be in two places at once. Even so, I still have a hard time finding the balance between all my selves: my family and friends are my priority, but I also like to take care of myself and feel good, I’m passionate about my work -the ‘real one’, so says working girl Alex Rivière-, and I cannot live without a project that makes me jump out of bed every morning as is this blog. There are so many things that I want to give my time, that I find hard to give up, that the balance is never in perfect equilibrium and I feel that I always miss something.

There’s a last thing about The Intern that I want to tell you: it’s a good movie to learn about the management of success. One of my purposes with this blog is that you strip away of the classical definition of the concept; that’s why there’s a mandatory question in the Working Girl Interviews: What is your own definition of success? We all share a similar definition: success is enjoying what you do, dedicate your time to what makes you happy and learn to celebrate and share your little (or big) achievements. I’m sure that if I could interview Jules Ostin her answer would be something alike ;-)

And that’s how I see myself in the near future: being like a Jules Ostin in command of her own life and career, with all her contradictions, her good days and bad days, with her successes and mistakes.

And you, who do you look up to? Is there any Jules in your life or you prefer Miranda Priestly?

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  1. Pues muy bueno que esta peli me la recomendaron mis suegros! Quizás mi suegro se vio más en el papel de Robert (de Niro no hace falta tampoco, jajaja).
    Besos Alba. Me flipa cómo escribes.

    1. Buenísimo! Un personaje muy adorable y también un buen referente para cuando seamos working girls de tercera edad, jajaja.
      Gracias por tus siempre buenas palabras.