Monday May 9th, 2016

The gesture of rolling up the pants’ cuff is more than typical in me. Other stories like being a bare-ankle kind of person and working hand in hand with a model who knows a bunch of styling tips caused my love for pinrolling my pants and t-shirts.

More than once I’ve found myself giving a quick masterclass to my family and friends on pinrolling jeans. ‘Never say never’, but I prefer this technique a gazillion times over the hateful cuffing. I can’t help it – cuffed jeans I see, pinrolling technique I preach and teach. Surfing in between Tomboy and the 50’s Teddy Girl styles (called the precursors of the rolled-up pants), I like to give a twist to my outfits by adding a touch of styling. Pinrolling is to me an easy way to feminize my boyfriend jeans or give a lighter look to my suit pants in a cool way.

Girl, you might be asking what the heck is pinrolling. If you know what is French rolling, then that’s it. Otherwise, let me explain it.

Pinrolling your pants


The goal is to narrow pants with wide openings. The reason is up to you (some options: because you don’t like the fit, because they are too long or simply because they don’t show your shoes). Here’s the step-by-step:

1 | Smooth and uncuff your pants.

2 | Fold the bottom of the pant in order to overlap it, fitting it tight around your leg.

3 | Cuff it up while still holding the overlap.

4 | Adjust the overlap if necessary and go for another cuff up.

The height of the cuff depends on your liking. Sticking to the strict definition of pinrolling, you shouldn’t show too much leg, but I’m a rule breaker and I normally opt for extra high cuffs. As a side note, you should know that boot-leg and wide-leg pants, as well as wool pants, won’t work well for this technique.

So, this is how I pinroll my jeans and pants for a flattering finish. But it doesn’t stop here… I roll up my wide sleeve t-shirts as well. Soooo frenchy! The process is exactly the same; despite it requires a pro level – only one hand in use.



Easy peasy once you get it, trust me! I’ll finish today’s story with some rolled-up outfits inspiration for the week headed by the working girl Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief’ Emmanuelle Alt.

Pinrolling pants | Working Girl Lifestyle
Pinrolling pants | Working Girl Lifestyle

Have a nice Monday!