Monday May 2nd, 2016

Attitude matters more than you may think. Let me tell you about it…

There’s a picture of my tender childhood that I never get tired of looking. A good feeling of nostalgia (not the gray and sad) invades me when I see myself swimming in the colored balls. I was having so much fun! I love ball pools. Must confess that when I was in New York I snuck in one of those with my little toddler friend. Naturally, it was adapted to her mini size. It was crazy…

Nostalgia comes along with a question that activates my ‘coaching-self’ alarms. After the exercise of introspection to find out how well you know yourself, this question seems to me the (logical) next step: are you having fun? I’m not asking you about if you’ve spent a good time with your friends or if you saw a funny movie… no, I mean every single thing you do, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

I want you to read this post leaving aside the biological age and just think about the psychological age concept: the attitude.

Working Girl Lifestyle | Why attittude matters

Sometimes, we walk too fast on our way to grow older. We take a lot of responsibilities (or they take us) and it doesn’t leave much room to be what we are: youngsters. Finding a job in our desired career, earning our first savings, moving to our first apartment… I’ve been through times when my sense of hyper-responsibility made me jump into a spiral of burden and stress that never, never, never gave me space to breathe mentally. Do I explain myself? I felt that I wasn’t enjoying the present because I was constantly thinking about the immediate future; I was planning to the point that I was slipping away the ‘now’. I see it so clear now that I’m writing about it…

So, after going through a period of introspection -learning about life, basically-, I decided to enjoy myself a little more. I decided to start doing what I please -with a certain moderation, I no longer fit into a child-sized ball pool ?-. I just needed a change of attitude. Damn, it worked! Bye, bye, worries. Now that we don’t have real responsibilities is the best time to do the craziest things. From the dumbest to something bigger like leaving tomorrow on an unplanned trip (this one is still in my to-do list, I’m working on it). Why not? Take this attitude to your life, your career, your everything. Don’t get bogged down by anything that isn’t worthwhile, because we’re still a bunch of years away from being ladies. Have fun. Take it easy. Enjoy the ride.