Wednesday April 20th, 2016

I’m amazed by the quick fluctuations of inspiration. How easy is it to fall into an outfit routine? Too much! Especially on busy days, when you stand in front of the wardrobe trying to figure out a brand new outfit with the hanging clothes and your head is singing Muse’s Time is Running Out. Drama.

I’m having one of these busy stages. What’s more, transition weather has already started in Barcelona and, definitely, it doesn’t help in the early mornings, so I end up slipping into my favorite jeans and whatever top, because my head just can’t build a proper outfit that represents my personal style. By no means I’m making a big concern about this, yet it’s important to me since I think fashion and style are a big asset into your personal brand and how do you want to be seen, the message that you want to send about who you are.

So I want to share with you, working girl, my number one trick to escape this situation that we both dislike. I’ve realized that when I step into a shop, I always look for the oddest outfits. Those outstanding patterns (inside the box of mainstream) are the ones that catch my eye. Learnings:

1 | It will be difficult to meet another girl wearing the same outfit.
2 | You’ll get new pieces that will build an outstanding outfit so effortlessly.

Experiment. Fill your wardrobe with unique and special pieces; go for the most unusual garments you could find in your wardrobe.





1. Cotton overall by Mango / 2. T-shirt by Zara / 3. Sneakers by Nike

Case study – This black overall from Mango. Girl, when I saw it I didn’t hesitate for a second. It’s the kind of garment that I’m talking about. I knew that I wasn’t going to wear it as much as my biker black pants, for sure, but the garment has an interesting pattern that tells a lot by itself. Must confess it has been difficult to wear during winter since any of my coats matched 100%, but Spring will be the perfect time. BTW, this is my second printed tee of the year… these colorful matches caught my heart.


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