Thursday April 14th, 2016

In today’s #WGLinterview I’m more than pleased to introduce you to a genuine working girl.

Meeting Vanesa Rousaud means exposing yourself to a blast of inspiration. I know few people with the power of inspire me enormous motivation to do things as she does. The enthusiasm in her voice, the conviction with which she speaks (she is so into quotes and statements) and her hilarious sense of humour makes you be hooked on her forever.

She’s not sure whether it is the age that makes her do whatever she wants, but the need for a change after many years as a celebrity and model manager at SS&M Personalities Management (where we met) and a total trust in her intuition have led working girl Vanesa to a new beginning: The K Influencer Management. The great inspired, as she calls herself, has a lot to share and teach us. Trust me, working girl, you have to read this. Ready, steady, go:

Working Girl: Vanesa Rousaud (by Carola de Armas)Photo via Carola de Armas

1 | Who is Vanesa Rousaud?
This is the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. I’m on my 40s and I still don’t know how to define myself. I’m open-minded and I love to be surrounded by interesting people who attract me. I like to learn from the others and admiring them. Every single thing is important to me, even the finest detail. The more info, the better… and I’m afraid it is not always good, because this is where my greatest problem comes: I can’t brief! Summing up is not my thing. I’m a mouth on legs, so hold on to your hats…

2 | Your city
I was born in Barcelona and there is where I stayed. I love my city and I feel it is a part of me. I’m very Barcelona.

3 | What do you do?
I sell the pretty things of life, especially enthusiasm and inspiration, to others. I have always been attracted to beauty on its many faces… I studied Advertising and PR by chance, actually. One day I wanted to do Architecture and the other, Graphic Design… eventually, college time arrived and I enrolled Law! It was terrible, interesting but terrible. Only did one year and I jumped to Advertising. College years were a blast, but at the moment of truth I knew I didn’t want to work in an advertising agency.

I think I’ve been a manager since I was a kid; cool people have always interested me, I have an eye for that! I can see when someone has something inside.

4 | How did you get into the management business?
When I finished college I started my career in a small publisher of bridal and fashion magazines. It was a good training. I entered as an assistant manager, then as an editor and finally as an editor-in-chief… but I wasn’t about writing.

I was the kind of freak who knew what model was doing x campaign, who was dating who and who was releasing a new film… I can’t count how much time of my life I’ve run with a magazine on my hands. Following my ‘hobby’, my best friend thought that I had to meet Bea Santamaría, founder of SS&M Personalities Management (celebrity and model management at that time). I had so clear that talent management was my real thing that I spent there the following 14 years. And so happy.

5 | The birth of The K. What brings you to the start of this new adventure of yours?
The biggest concern I think it was due to the midlife crisis. The need of taking a step further, of updating. My obsession for magazines bounced to Instagram and all I could see was the potential of this new communications and advertising channel called social media. I discovered an exciting world of new digital celebrities.

When I reconnected with Estefanía del Val, ex-classmate at college with a journalism background, we shared our concerns. We both saw that there’s a lot of work to do in this sector to professionalize this new communications –her education- and advertising –mine- channel. We felt the need to see what can be done in this world of influencers, the new digital celebrities. Interesting people with so much to say and share who have become prescribers because of us: we are all awaiting to see what do they do, what do they like, where do they go… And this is how The K was born.

6 | What has been the hardest and greatest part of it?
I always think that the greatest obstacle is one self. You set your own limits and blocks, no one else. Overcoming those boundaries and let myself go has been the best reward. Like, what would you do if you were unafraid?

7 | Your own definition of success
This one I have it so clear. Success is being satisfied with what you do, who you are. Sleeping in peace at night, waking up motivated. This is success. Living life and enjoy it. Appreciating what you have. Giving your best, because all of us are here for a reason.

8 | Best career tip you were given, and by who?
To be honest, no one ever gave me a tip. But there’s something that marked me forever: when I was a teen on a summer camp, the last day a girl wrote on my backpack (why there?): “Never change”. Back then, my ultimate mission was to change, to pretend to be someone different… So I didn’t understand why I was told so when all I wanted was to be better, cooler, more everything. That quote comes every now and then to my mind: always be who you truly are. Only then you’ll be easeful and work well. Be who you are, no one else.

A career tip from me to you: trust your intuition. It has walked me to better decisions than logic.

9 | A lesson you’ve learned from your mistakes
Overthinking isn’t worth it, worrying is a waste of time. We spend the day too worried about something that 99% of the times will never happen or won’t happen as we think. We have to work the now. I’ve lost too much of my time thinking about something that eventually didn’t happen instead of facing the present moment. Work gets done day by day.

10 | Your (awesome) Instagram. How is it connected with your work?
My Instagram account @vansitbon is absolutely personal, a hobby. It is what I am, what I do, what I like, what interests me, what makes me laugh… Stuff I like to share with the world. Big mind blown, though…

working-girl-interview-vanesa-rousaud-5Foto via @vansitbon

11 | Who inspires you, and why?
AUTHENTIC people inspire me. Each of us is unique and singular, but there are those who stand out for a reason and those who don’t. Many people are super interesting to me. Everyone who I follow on Instagram inspire me. Everyone around me, inspire me. I don’t know how to join whatever if it doesn’t bring me back anything. Sounds mean, but it’s really deep.

12 | Favorite outfit for work
My work uniform is very easy and comfortable, very masculine (not a suit!). Tomboy, I’d say -shirt, sweater, pants…- and functional above all. I’d love to be more ‘show-off’ and dress up a little bit more. I’d love to… but no way. I always end up in loafers, oxfords, sneakers and low heels. I leave high heels for special days and I deal with the pain, I don’ know how to wear them!

13 | Favorite shopping spot in your city
I don’t have a fetish shop. I’m so into Zara, you know? Mainstream with a twist. Rare designs are hard to find in Barcelona; maybe Passage BCN is a good shop to catch those unique brands that are so hard to spot in Spain. Yes, Passage BCN could have the best selection that identifies me the most.

14 | Best place for a coffee break in your city
I always have breakfast at home or in the office, I don’t like to go out for it. Only if I’m staying in a hotel, that is paradise. Anyway, better at home than anywhere. Besides, I only need a cold Diet Coke. Well, also some bread which I love it.

15 | A book you’d recommend everybody
Too bad what I’m about to say: I don’t read. Just as it is. I read magazines but I guess it doesn’t count, hahaha. Magazines are the only thing I read, even so they take me many hours, plus the time I spend scrolling down the Internet and Instagram.

16 | Last but not least… What would you tell to your younger working girl self on its first day of job?
Have fun everyday.

Working Girl: Vanesa RousaudFoto via @vansitbon

Thank you Vanesa for sharing such an interesting experience with Working Girl Lifestyle! You can follow her on Instagram @vansitbon and Tumblr and connect with her new adventure at The K Influencer Management.


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  1. Buena entrevista…Felicidades.
    Me quedo con una respuesta con la que me identifico…
    “Que no vale la pena darle muchas vueltas a las cosas, la inutilidad de preocuparse es un pérdida de tiempo”.