Thursday March 17th, 2016

Listening and learning from others is a wise attitude. Saving the thin line between curious and gossip, I love to read, discover and imbibe from other working girl (or women)’s life who are nailing it in their professional life. I believe in the importance of having a role model to whom you can look up, it’s a way to make sure you don’t get lost and to have references to what you can relate at some point. I’m pretty sure you’re curious about it too, so I put hands to work and the result is this new series of interviews to working women who, to me, are truly inspiring.

The very first working girl to be interviewed is a hard-working woman who has a clear vision and values that I absolutely share. I first knew about  Beatriz Villarroya and her work through an interview published at called ‘Diaries of a Working Girl’. I couldn’t resist to read it! Beatriz is the founder of Fashion District Spain, a strategic fashion sales and communications agency of really cool small international brands. Now that I’ve had the chance to work with her and get to know her a little better, I must say that she’s such a lovely girl and definitely you can’t miss her story:

Working Girl Interview: Beatriz Villarroya | Working Girl LifestylePhoto via @bea_fds

1 | Name & age
Beatriz Villarroya, 29

2 | City
I was born in Valencia but I live in Madrid for 5 years.

3 | Job/position
3 years ago I created Fashion District Spain to introduce foreign brands that hadn’t yet come to Spain, mainly from Los Angeles but also from San Francisco. Nowadays, we distribute brands like Anine Bing (@aninebing), Sincerely Jules (@shop_sincerelyjules), Ragdoll LA (@ragdoll_la) and BKR (@mybkr) and we manage the communications of them all.
Initially we wanted to focus only in Spain but now we’re reaching Andorra and Portugal as well. We hope to be soon in more countries. We’re a familiar business where we work my parents (Carmen and Rafa), my uncles and my sister Paula. We’re incorporating more people.

4 | What did you study?
I studied Law because, at first, my parents didn’t think that fashion could be a real job. Life has changed radically in the last few years, I think. Creative and fashion-related careers are taking importance because of the crisis and change of mentality. We are no longer working for a living; we aspire to be true to ourselves even at work. We are freer than our parents were but sometimes we’re more selfish. We have to be able to find balance.

5 | Your own definition of success
To work every day on what I love with people I love and respect.

6 | The decision that boosted your career
Going to Los Angeles on my summer holiday to meet the Anine Bing team. On that moment the brand was quite unknown, but we believed in its potential and we bet on it. This has led us to where we are now. Besides, Anine Bing is like a big family with whom we work in a close and direct relation. I could say that we’ve grown together (we were the first foreign country to work with the brand).

Working Girl Interview: Beatriz Villarroya | Working Girl LifestylePhoto via Fashion District Spain

7 | Best career tip you were given, and by who?
Follow my instinct. In this regard, my parents have always believed in my sister and me.

8 | A lesson you’ve learned from your mistakes
Rush is bad friend and you always have to follow your intuition. Luck doesn’t come by itself, you have to work on it and be constant. There will be moments where you think you’ve stuck, and moments where everything will perfectly run. In both cases, you have to keep in mind your goals and never forget why and how did you start.
Don’t care about what people think, what truly matters is what you and the people you love think.

9 | Who inspires you, and why?
Those who do what they love, because they’re moved by values that can’t be quantified with money or status.

10 | Favorite outfit for work
Jeans, a blazer and a t-shirt. Converse.

11 | Favorite shopping spot in your city
Anine Bing (of course), Isabel Marant or Masscob. I love own-brand stores where you can breath the brand’s philosophy. If I have to name a multi-brand store, I’d say Pez or EKS.

12 | Best place for a coffee break in your city
Magasand Columela and Quintin. Two different styles where you’ll feel at home.

13 | A book you’d recommend everybody
I read a lot of romance and crime novels. I’m currently reading ‘Gray Mountain’ by John Grisham; but I really enjoyed ‘The girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins.

14 | Last but not least… What would you tell to your younger self on its first day of job?
“Fight for your dreams and don’t settle with them”. You have to grow day-by-day and never stop learning, whatever your age.

Thank you Beatriz for sharing your experience with Working Girl Lifestyle! You can follow her on Instagram @bea_fds and discover her amazing work at Fashion District Spain (@fd_spain).

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    de semejantes publicaciones. enorme trabajo y habilidad
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