Tuesday March 8th, 2016

I want to be tremendously honest to you today, you working girl. I don’t like stated dates; to me, they’re an imposition rather than a celebration. Sure, I understand that most of those dates are stated in order to commemorate and to keep alive a specific cause (although there’s a long list of international days of whatever nonsense), but I’m bored of going through the same buzz around the same day in the calendar year after year. Oh, but what annoys me the most is to see how whatever the cause it seems to be omitted for the remaining 364. It makes me sick.

Today, March 8th, and being conscious of my incoherence, I’m writing this post in honor to the International Women’s Day. Or Working Girl’s day, as you prefer.

Within my closest circle I’ve never heard about nor witnessed any sexist scene. Nothing ever close to the machismo attitude could describe my boy, the men in my family or my friends. Perhaps that’s the reason why I feel so offline from this problem even though being so, so aware of its sad existence and how much women are fighting for equality. Because my young and optimistic head can’t even conceive this kind of violence towards women.

In the same way, I still haven’t faced any situation at job where I’ve felt at disadvantage regarding man. In fact, almost exclusively women have surrounded me through my career. When they’ve been men, they didn’t make me feel for a single second that I could be in a hypothetic discrimination at work for just being a woman. Because I can’t conceive it.

The absence of gross and evident sexism in my everyday is the reason why I don’t want this post to be a speech about how sad it is that our society still needs to talk about professional inequality of the sexes, nor I’ll give you any lesson about it. If I’m asked to choose a purpose to fight for today, International Women’s Day, I want it to be to work on what makes me happy.

Don’t settle for a single day in the calendar. Every day of the year are your day, working girl; you don’t have to prove nothing to others, just do it for yourself. And I really want to give the same message to you, working guy (if you’re reading this). To me, March 8th is to all the people who jump out of the bed every morning with the eager of keep running their projects and chasing their dreamed job; to all the people who don’t stick to mediocrity and are moved by a healthy ambition. And as I’m seeking for my dream and I learn on the way, I want to share it with you, because I’m sure there will be tons of days where you’ll wake up before the alarm rings, but there will be many other days where you’ll snooze it once and over again. That’s the reason why I’m here with this blog – I want to rescue you from the bad days and help you out to get back motivation and energy that makes you work to the job of your dreams.

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