Friday February 26th, 2016

I know, I know… this topic is old hat, but I wouldn’t write it for you if I didn’t think that it is quintessential for us, working girl. We spend too many hours at the office so we need to do something with it. Your healthy life doesn’t start when you shake your body at the gym, it should be a 24/7! I’ve put up a list with the top healthy habits to adopt from today at the office. The laziness will beat you sometimes but don’t worry, I’ll forgive you ;-) The most important thing is that you keep these 5 healthy habits in mind:

5 healthy habits at the office | Working Girl Lifestyle

Healthy habits at the office

1 | Drink water. I always have a bottle of mineral water on my desk, close enough to the screen so it’s always on my visual range and I make sure that I don’t forget to have a sip. You may not believe it, but it helps to avoid headaches. As I’ve read in several articles and books, the water intake recommended per day is 1,5L. Being honest, I rarely drink 1L a day so I have a magic trick for the appetite – add some tasty squeezed lemon juice and it’ll be easier to get to the 2L intake.

2 | Do not have lunch in your desk. Let’s practice a mindful eating.  As well as you focus on work when you’re in front of your computer, try to focus on your meal at lunch time. Nothing left to say if you’re lucky enough to go out for lunch every day; otherwise, having an actual break from work and heading to the office kitchen is an important healthy habits as it is directly related to nutrition. Easy to relate – think of how many times you’ve had lunch in your desk while still working and sending emails. Do you remember what you ate? How did it taste? Did it fill your belly or you were hungry again barely an hour later? That’s it – paying no attention to what you eat is definitely not a healthy habit, as your head isn’t fully aware of the eating process. Escape your desk to connect with food!

3 | Move your body. Jump out of your chair at least once every hour to shake your body and waken it up. If you’re doing #1 correctly, chances are that you’re easily carrying out #3 (bathroom calling). If you’re a sort of ‘waterproof’, I can hand you some other excuses: go talk to your coworkers instead of sending them an email, go for a coffee or tea, stay stood while answering a call… and a long list of healthy procrastination. Save your body from getting numb, abandon for a while the super bad postures at the desk and bring back the blood to your bottom ;-) My favorite excuse is going for a little walk down the street on my break time. So freshening to have a break from technology!

4 | Turn off your personal life. Not a healthy habit itself, OK, but it means no distractions, focusing 99% on work (there’s always a 1% of us dreaming away) and thus being productive as hell. When you’re being that productive, you feel like nothing can stop you: it makes you feel great. See? There’s where the -mental- health is. I know how hard it is to stay away from cheking Instagram every 5 or 10 minutes, but do the test – spend a morning with your smartphone switched off (iPhone devices have a fantastic kind of ‘Do not disturb’ mode) and you’ll see how your productivity levels grow up to the sky.

5 | Surround yourself of beauty. Ahh, the cheesy tip. Honestly, I believe in the positive effect of working surrounded by beauty (your own definition of beauty, of course!). Designing and giving your personal touch to your workspace will make a remarkable difference. The point is to make it feel a bit like home, a place where you’re so comfortable that good days can be better and bad work days can be easier. You know, a better mood results in a better performance at work – both keys to success! At the office, I am surrounded by Muji office stuff, a small indoor plant, a scented candle, my favorite stationery and my little career-themed book collection.

Were you conscious about these healthy habits? What are your best tips for keeping the body and mind shape at the office?

5 healthy habits at the office | Working Girl Lifestyle


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