Wednesday February 17th, 2016

As I browse the Internet looking for career advice and inspiration, a topic I love reading about, I realize that we are a great entrepreneurial and work-focused generation. We’re quite a few blogs and websites talking about career tips -which is awesome-, there are the 600 brightest and youngest minds in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list from whom you can take inspiration and there’re girls like you, reading this because you want to discover how to be a successful working girl. Well done!

There’s a big amount of attitude involved in being successful at a young age. That’s the key. No secret. But, what are the ingredients of the attitude recipe? To jumpstart your career from today, I’m pointing out the ones that on my experience are the most important.

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Keys to be successful (and young)

1 | Be proactive. Stay one step ahead, in the good meaning. Don’t sit in your desk waiting to be asked to do something nor wait for the others to take the first step. Being proactive will not only make your mind work on creativity and be ready to attack whenever you need to propose new moves or solve problems, you’ll also build a good image of yourself that your boss and co-workers will appreciate, for sure. Remember this: it’s always a pleasure to work close to proactive people!

2 | Stay curious. We talked about it not that long ago… stay curious for your career’s sake! Plus, it’s a way of being proactive. Promise me that you’ll never ever think that you already know everything you need. That’s a huge lie! There’s always room for improvement and knowledge in our beautiful heads. The world is an ever-changing place.

3 | Invest in yourself. We’re young working girls with a low budget (because we spend too much money in clothes), I know. But you don’t need to make big outlays for improving your career, see: how long since your last visit to the public library? Invest some time of yours in picking up a book related to your job field or something of your interest. There’s plenty of useful guides and books! From the cheapest to a serious move, as enrolling courses, try to invest in your career as much as you can. The ROI is positive ;-)

4 | Be flexible. Planning your life ahead according to your career goal is a smart attitude. It means that you’re determined and focused on success, but please don’t stress when something disturbs your plans. I like to think that everything happens because of a reason, a sort of destiny, so when there’s an unexpected turn in your life embrace it and keep walking the way to success. Isn’t it more exciting?

5 | Be brave. Of course, being a young working girl taking on your own life is as exciting as scary. We have to be brave enough to face adult life with all its consequences and being successful at it. Taking big decisions, paying bills, being independent… Though that doesn’t mean you’ll walk alone. Don’t fear asking help when needed. Wise advice, whoever said it first.

6 | Celebrate the present. Never lose sight of your goals, but neither forget to enjoy the ride. I was told that the best time of my life was going to be the university years, but I think that discovering the independence of being an adult is even better. Be here and now, celebrate every little success and -most important- have fun, because yes, we want a successful career, but we’re still young souls.

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