Friday February 12th, 2016

Tonight I had a tricky dream. One of those that feel so real that you get angry when you realize it was all an invention of my subconscious. I dreamed that I was visiting an apartment with my parents with no further purpose than going along because the flat was for them, but the very first step I made into the flat, I wanted it for my own. I have clear apartment goals and that one had it all: beautiful wooden floor, big windows and high ceilings so the natural light was all over the place, big rooms and a walk-in closet. Can you imagine how excited I was? But, hey, it got better: I started jumping and clapping on my head like a silly when I was told the rental rate: 150€ per month. Only in the best dreams!!! Damn, I thought I finally had found my dream home.

Sadly, the chances that I move into my own apartment are at least 2 years forward away from the present. Ahhh! Meanwhile, I’ll keep on collecting inspiration pictures, references and ideas for my apartment goals scrolling down online shops such as The Loft or Belen Domecq and pinning on my Working Girl Apartment Pinterest board. Here’s a taste of it:


Working Girl Lifestyle | Working Girl Apartmentvia Loft Szczecin

Working Girl Lifestyle | Working Girl Apartmentvia Garance Doré

Working Girl Lifestyle | Working Girl Apartment
Working Girl Lifestyle | Working Girl Apartment

via My Scandinavian Home


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