Tuesday February 9th, 2016

What are the probabilities that you have a bad day if your morning can be summed up with the word rush? Don’t know the figure, but I’m sure it’s quite high. Setting a morning routine and adopting good habits will make you fly effortlessly -not run- towards a successful day. Why? You’ll feel happier and more likely to easily tick off to-do tasks from your list as you’ll feel more productive. Start smoothly the day with these morning rituals to adopt right now.

6 morning rituals for having a successful day | Working Girl LifestyleImage: Death to Stock


1 | Do. Not. Snooze. To me, this should be the #1 of any morning rituals list. This is also the hardest part of any morning, I know, girl, but do your best to not snoozing the alarm and wake up right away. The more time you spend rolling in the bed, the more sleepy you’ll be and the less time you’ll have to get ready. We don’t want this! Make sure you wake up early enough so you feel calm and cool in the start of your day so you carry the same mood to the office. It’s easy math – calculate how many things you have to do in the morning and how many time will you devote to each step and set your alarm according to that. You’ll feel the difference!

2 | Stretching. No need to put on your yoga gear for this, your cozy pajamas are OK for this short morning ritualsthat will make you feel better in your body for the rest of the day. After a good night’s sleep (those deep) your muscles may feel tense and unlikely to move smoothly, so opening and stretching your body is a way of saying you’re awake and ready for facing the dawn-to-dark. I opt for three Sun Salutations A+B -a quite complete and easy stretching routine-, add three deep breathes and I’m ready to continue my way out of bed.

3 | Drink a glass of hot lemon water. Think of how many hours you’ve been sleeping without drinking any water… Exactly, too many! Hydrating your organism with lemony water will get it going, refresh your morning breath and all your internal systems, especially the digestive one that needs to be ready for the coming meals of the day. The reason for the hot water is simple – we don’t want to produce a shock in the organism!

4 | Moisturize your skin. Do not stick to splash some cold water over your face to wake up but instead do a proper face wash. Use the adequate face wash for your skin type, gentle dry with a cotton towel and moisturize face and neckline with your day cream. You’d be surprised of how many people I know that don’t moisturize their skin every morning… Make sure it has SPF15 at least, cause we don’t want your skin to suffer unnecessarily! Now you’re ready to rock your makeup of the day. Eyeliner? Natural smokey (if that even exists)? No makeup-makeup?

5 | Have a healthy breakfast. One that feeds you the morning long and you only need to snack a fruit and your favorite tea. We’ll discuss the topic soon on the blog because it’s really important for us, working girls, but here’s an spoiler: my two go-to breakfasts are oatmeal with red fruits or granola with goat milk kefir. Absolutely delicious and healthy! They make breakfast my most cherished time of the day, that’s why I want to wake up early so I can enjoy the meals.

6 | Check your bag. Good job if you’re the foresighted type and prepared your stuff the night before (that includes food, outfit and bag) so that you just need to dress up with the look you planned, grab your stuff and double-check that everything you need for the day is in your bag. OK, this is more likely to be a night ritual than belonging to the morning rituals category, but trust me it will save you tons of time in the morning.

6 morning rituals for having a successful day | Working Girl Lifestyle

6 morning rituals for having a successful day | Working Girl LifestyleI’m wearing Zara striped tee and culotte pants and Mango pointy shoes. Zara bag.

Such a smooth flow morning can’t nothing but guarantee that the rest of your workday at the office will start as good as you keep going this mood. Being ready on time will make you feel relaxed, happy (unless if you really dislike your job, then it’s time to think about it) and prepared for face it all and having a successful day.

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