Tuesday February 2nd, 2016

Last day I talked about the thoughts and decisions that triggered my quick visit to the fashion school IED Barcelona, but I didn’t talk about something as important as staying curious for the sake of your career – what I wore. No, didn’t lose my mind! But I really want to talk you about my hand painted pants outfit and slow fashion.

Why you need to invest in slow fashion | Working Girl Lifestyle

Slow fashion

For two years now I’m working for a small fashion brand. Before that, I appreciated fashion by its ‘cover’ – logical, no? Fast fashion occupied my shopping time, my whims and my wardrobe. The two variables were (newest) trend and (lowest) price. After that, I was suddenly introduced to the reality of the fashion industry. Doing things right can’t be as cheap as a 29,95€ coat… The brand I work for produces ethically and locally, choosing high quality materials from local suppliers to proudly hang the tag ‘made in Spain’ in the garments. A sort of slow fashion. That means a price increase that not everybody can afford, but also means ensuring that the textile industry stays alive in your region by creating or, at least, maintaining occupation. Means a high quality garment that will live past the next season because the raw materials are good enough to survive the wearing.

Now I appreciate fashion by the production process behind a garment, the touch and design and, so, the garment itself. Every now and then I invest on good goods, timeless and slow fashion (though it may sound contradictory, haha). You might remember my pink coat or my leather shoes; well, today I’m introducing you to my hand painted pants.

Why you need to invest in slow fashion | Working Girl Lifestyle

Why you need to invest in slow fashion | Working Girl Lifestyle

Why you need to invest in slow fashion | Working Girl Lifestyle

I’m totally in love with these pants from Vanesa Lorenzo – beautiful deep blue fabric hand painted in dark blue and green paint in an atelier in Barcelona. Also I have the shirt that makes the two pieces outfit, absolutely funny wearing the uniform! They both are one of a kind and I’m sure will be with me for many, many, many years. I completed the outfit with a dark blue Uniqlo knit sweater, Mango Premium moccasins and a khaki cape from Zara. All from past seasons, sorry I can’t link you!

If you really love and appreciate fashion, I encourage you to do a little effort to start building a wardrobe with ethically & locally produced pieces by small brands and designers. They’re the future!

What is your slowest garment?