Friday January 29th, 2016

Earlier this week I posted a pic on Instagram about the book I’m currently diving into. The caption went like this: “Always loved to be self-taught. Stay hungry for knowledge, stay curious! ?”

Stay Curious | Working Girl Lifestyle

Right after that, I started thinking of going deeper on the topic and write a post for the Career Tips for working girl series. Here you have!

Last summer I finished my 4 years degree in Advertising and Public Relations. I was exhausted of the demanding routine of being a student and having a part-time job (I even spent 5 months having 2 part-time jobs and still studying!! That was crazy), so while many of my classmates were talking about enrolling in masters, post-graduate courses, etc… I decided that I was going to take a free-studies year. At the beginning of my determination, a tiny part of me was afraid that I’d never want to go back to a classroom. As I said, I love being self-taught and the freedom of organization it means… absolutely the opposite of an imposed timing. Love learning about everything I am suddenly interested in. I print, I read, I mark in fluor, I take notes… I’m a curious creature.

Until a couple of weeks ago I was firm on my decision, enjoying the flexibility of just having a full time job and running a personal project. After my 9 to 5 workday, I’m totally free to organise my time. But then my little sister, who is also interested in fashion communication, asked me to go with her to the doors open day at IED Barcelona (a well-known fashion school placed in the heart of Gràcia, a Barcelona neighborhood) and my inner self hungry for knowledge started asking for studying again. I’m not going to enroll on a master, it’s not of my interest (yet), but I have started searching the Internet for short courses, summer schools and that sort. Feels exciting the idea of going into little capsules of knowledge! I’m currently thinking of doing something in the fashion area, maybe fashion styling or coolhunting… something creative!

I actually never stopped studying since I finished my degree – I’ve been learning about HTML and CSS code. Is it directly related to my current job? No. But who knows if I’ll never need it? I love watching documentaries about the human brain and our behavior (think Brain Games). I’m I a psychologist? No. But I work in communications, that stuff matters.

What I want to say with this long story is: stay curious. Push into whatever that catches your attention. Follow your heart. Don’t worry if your interests are too diverse. Nothing is ‘too diverse’ in terms of knowledge and education, that’s precisely what will make an interesting profile out of you. I’m not telling you to be brilliant in everything, that would be (almost) impossible, but I firmly believe that opening and widening your knowledge boundaries is the best investment you can do for your career. Can’t help but link to the famous Steve Jobs’ talk ‘Connect the dots’


Stay curious!


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