Tuesday January 19th, 2016

Working on your personal project slash dreamed career doesn’t match with being lazy. More than that – you can’t afford it! Your baby needs you to be all in, full focused, active and creative. Sounds like a exhausting exercise, and trust me it is! At some point you may loose the point of the whole thing, but here I am with some tips to help you stay motivated. Let’s talk about it…

First, the focus of the problem. No working girl is yet a Superwoman. We have good and bad days, we go through situations that affect us in as many different ways as characters exist in the planet and it’s not unusual that your motivation levels feel weak in a certain time. We can talk about a superficial level, when there are days (and weeks) that I the last thing I’m up to is blogging just because I feel more like hanging out with friends or family or laying in the couch and read a magazine.

Or we can talk about a profound level when the origin the demotivation is, in my own case, the hardest part of blogging – getting results. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a blog, to think, plan and write the content, to take and edit photos and to promote the blog in social media (just to mention a few tasks), so seeing that your effort is being paid back with visits, likes and comments is what keeps the candle burning. And sometimes it blows out.

Forcing yourself to work on it when your head is not in the business won’t help out. Being melodramatic, you could end up hating your project. So let’s find other ways to make motivation flow back on you.

4 ways to stay motivated | Working Girl Lifestyle

How to stay motivated

1 | Be positive. Results can be easier or harder to achieve, but the key is to stay motivated and positive. I like to think that a good attitude and thinking positive calls best. I don’t want you to think that you’ve wasted effort, you just need to be patient and constant and you’ll see how things get back to you.

2 | Talk your worries out. This is by far one of my favorites. As your way to your dream career depends on you, your actions and decisions, you may tend to keep your worries to yourself. Wrong! Sharing your thoughts, asking for opinions and exposing your worries to someone you trust in will help you to see things from a different perspective. Maybe you have a more pessimist vision of reality than it actually is… Whatever it is your situation, venting is always a good way to stay motivated by emptying out your worries and negative thoughts.

3 | Write down your achievements. Despite what you may think, today you’re closer to your goal than yesterday. Introduce this easy exercise to your routine before going to bed: grab pen and paper and write down your little (or big!) successes of the day. By the end of the week, and if you’re not cheating and you’re actually working on your thing, you’ll have a clear vision of your progress, what did you do, where you can put more effort and what you need to revise. Good way to stay motivated!

4 | Procrastination. Balance between hard work and leisure is essential. Give yourself a little time to procrastinate or do whatever you feel like before going back to work. Spending time doing other things will make you go back on track more motivated. My favorite? Sweating out my worries at the gym.

If you don’t stand up for your goals, nobody will. Allow yourself a bit of dolce far niente but remember that the best pleasure is seeing how your effort pays it back.


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4 comments on “4 WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATED”

  1. Me he topado con una joya de blog. Afrontar la competitividad y constancia en los proyectos profesionales y personales no es fácil cuando el día tiene sólo 24h y tus ganas por alcanzar las metas estaría 48h seguidas activas. Parece que cuando vives o sobrevives a situaciones no te das cuenta de lo que pasas hasta que un tercero, en un post por ejemplo, lo escribe. Es lo que me acaba de pasar con este post Alba. Voy a incluir tu blog en mi feedly para no perder ni medio detalle ;)

    1. Pilar, no sabes lo que significan tus palabras para mí… Estoy más que encantada de que hayas topado con este blog y que hayas decidido quedarte. Espero que esas “48h seguidas” que le dedico te sean de lo más útiles y lo disfrutes tanto como quieras :-) ¡Bienvenida!