Wednesday January 13th, 2016

When I feel I got stuck in routine and creativity is conspicuous by its absence in every aspect, especially in workwear terms, spending a little time scrolling down the Internet gives me the shot of inspiration I need.

During the Christmas break I’ve spent most of the days on my Uniqlo sweatpants as the ‘blogging from home’ workwear uniform, so finally I lost the habit of planning flashy outfits for everyday as I didn’t need to think on it. Now it’s time to go back to the office and there’s a clear urgency to go back on track on styling, mixing and matching, etc., but…

How many times a woman can repeat in her life that thing of ‘I have nothing to wear’? Uncountable. Actually it’s just a lack of ideas, so don’t worry because the cure is quick and easy. Do the test – open Pinterest and you’ll see how instantly your fashionista brain starts creating outfits out from your boring wardrobe. This sort of therapy makes me go through a creativity reset so I see my workwear clothes with brand new eyes. In other words – do you know when you take a trip to your sister’s wardrobe, pick a shirt from the back (thrown and scorned) and suddenly she wants to wear it tomorrow? That’s it, and that’s exactly the purpose of my Working Girl Style board on Pinterest.

Yesterday night on Pinterest, while fighting exhaustion from my 3rd spinning master class at the gym (these tips on how to achieve your goals are working), I saw a pic that took all my fatigue away. It was an outfit from the Ujoh SS/16 fashion show, a Japanese high fashion brand designed by Mitsuru Nishizaki. Effortless, comfy and relaxed, but chic and stylish as well.

Workwear by Ujoh | Working Girl Lifestyle

Workwear by Ujoh | Working Girl Lifestyle

Two perfect workwear outfits for rocking your day at the office, aren’t they? Formal garments styled in such a cool way – I’m already wearing my suit pants with sneakers!


What’s your favorite workwear style?


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