Sunday January 10th, 2016

Goals and resolutions. It’s that time of the year. With the arrival of a new year, we the humans dream with the ideal version of ourselves, of our life. We write lists of objectives and resolutions for the upcoming 12 months – either we start from scratch or still drag some unaccomplished items from the last year. Creativity runs wild and eventually we set marks that probably we won’t be able to achieve because we’re not doing it right. Want to know how to achieve your goals? There’s one thing you’re probably missing out and it may be the key to success.

How to achieve your goals | Working Girl Lifestyle

How to achieve your goals

If you’re reading this, I bet you’re a list lover as I am – love doing lists for absolutely everything. Grocery shopping, sales shopping, blog to-do’s, beauty to-do’s… I even told you about an app for lists. Guess I’m addicted to the satisfaction of ticking off items and getting things done. And this is one of the basic factors of success in achieve your goals.

1 | Be realistic. This one was not a secret, but it’s too easy to forget when writing down the settlements for the year ahead. Tying to accomplish goals that are materially not possible is not a good idea – it won’t do nothing but discourage you and give you a wrong perception of reality. Big deeds should be exciting and fulfilling, so go after down-to-earth ambitions.

2 | Break your goals into easy steps. Your (big) aspirations need to be set into easier and more achieveable actions. Would you have a clue of where to start out with ‘Being my own boss’ goal? Providing yourself a step by step guide will help you realizing if your goal is realistic, what to do next and stay focused while still watching the big picture. This will keep you motivated as little objectives are easier and quicker to achieve than the big resolution.
So, following the example I’d set baby steps such as ”Quiting my current job’, ‘Writing a business plan’, ‘Investing in designing my brand’… Does it look easier now?

3 | Don’t think year goals. Do monthly instead. I work better under the pressure of a deadline, so this would be my best trick. If 1 year term is too far for you and don’t feel motivated, setting marks for the next month (or 2, or 3) will give you the boost or extra will power you need.

4 | You are accountable to you, so there’s no need yo lie to yourself. Don’t worry if you can’t follow the timing you set, just reschedule the plan. No matter how quick, the most important is to eventually achieve your goals.

You see, the key to achieve your goals and resolutions is quite easy. Just learn the tools and put your heart in pursuing your wanted version of things. There’s always room for improvement, the commitment lays on you. Go for it!


What are your goals for 2016?