Sunday January 3rd, 2016

January the 1st is a really weird day. I wake up too late, eat a lot to the new year and rest too much in the couch. It barely exists! Day 2 is to me the truly 1st, it’s the day when I look back to the past year and write down my resolutions and goals for the upcoming. Yesterday Working Girl Lifestyle turned 2 years old ? and I’m doing a compilation of the best posts from 2015 to celebrate how things have changed since the first day.

So I’ve put up a top 5 list of the best posts from the year – the ones I really enjoyed writing and the ones you’ve liked the most so far! If you missed them, now is your opportunity to read and share them.

1 | Living in New York for a month. Whoa! This had to be the #1 of the best posts compilation. Still have no words to describe how grateful I feel for everything that has happened to me this year, for being given the opportunity of spending one month of 2015 living in New York. I brought back home a brand new me and a bunch of thoughts and impressions. Want to feel the vibes of New York?

New York inspired - Alba Benítez | Working girl inspired

2 | 5 ways to deal with multitasking and stress. Thankfully I’ve already overcome a very stressful period of my life. Work, study, personal projects, me time, family and friends… If you’re stuck on a stress spiral because of the bad habit of multitasking, this post will throw you some light on it.

5 tips to deal with multitasking and stress | Working Girl Lifestyle

3 | How good you want to be. Anyone interested in achieving life and career goals? There’s a book you need to read. An inspiring and encouraging story that will provide a clear vision of how to achieve your own definition of success. Sounds like a good goal for 2016!

Working girl lifestyle | How good you want to be

4 | Drugstore beauty essentials. The 10 low-cost beauty and makeup essentials that you need to get now into your beauty stash.

Beauty essentials for autumn | Alba Benitez | Working girl lifestyle

5 | Breakfast in New York. After spending one month living in Manhattan, I’ve put up my own compilation of the best places in New York to have breakfast. A morning kick to stay or to go – or to make a pit-stop on a shopping day.


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