Tuesday November 10th, 2015

I’ve spent the past 4 weeks living in New York (!!!). Can’t believe I’m already back. I didn’t want to call it ‘vacation’ because I was there mainly for work reasons, not leisure, but as I had some free time for myself I had fun behaving as a tourist. I discovered the city with my only company: did the most typical things, went to the must-see places and I even did some souvenir shopping for the family. The lines above are the expected conclusion of a funny solo stay in New York (who can’t enjoy NYC?), but I want to go a bit deeper and talk about feelings

Four weeks walking down Manhattan have been a lot of time for breathing in inspiration. Anywhere I looked I could find something interesting, weird, cool or eye-catching to the point that sometimes I felt overwhelmed. I spent the days with the iPhone on my left hand capturing it everything with the camera. I found beauty in the grey -and sometimes dirty streets, under the pressure of the skyscrappers and in the great mess of traffic of the Big Apple. I found beauty in the smelly pretzel stands and the oldish subway. I even found beauty in the incoherence of people. I didn’t feel a foreigner not a single second -everybody is from anywhere; I really felt connected with New Yorkers because of their welcomy character. But unless interrupted, every individual walks around inmersed in their own world (think smartphone), almost unconscious of what’s happening next to them. Cruising speed. The bright side is that never had that disgusting feeling of judgement stare that you can easily suffer in Spain. I felt free! Not that I am under any kind of pressure here, but feels so good to be a little more yourself.

Now I’m back in (reality) Barcelona, surrounded by my closest ones and ready to start again with routine but in a new me. One with a clearer mind, better ensured of herself and more mature -or at least that’s how I feel. Stepping out of the comfort zone requires to be brave as it can possibly be the biggest challenge one can face by own will. But truth is I’ve never been afraid of what’s outside of mine, I’m always thirsty of a challenge. Experience has taught me that it can be hard sometimes (I’ve had low times there in NY), but will always be a beautiful scar in your persona. I’m sure everyone who ventures forward gets back a treasure for the rest of his life. And a month in New York has been a big, precious one.

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