Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

The start of a new course brings along the arrival of new stationery collections. As this is my first non-scholar year, I actually don’t need new notebooks, pencils nor journals so I promised myself that I’d stay away from stationery shops. Good news – by the time I’m keeping the promise, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t dream a bit about them… Especially since I had the chance to take a look at the upcoming collection of the Octaevo, full of bright color combinations and neat design made in Barcelona and ‘signed by the Mediterranean’ as their slogan says. It inspired me to do a new ‘stationery for the office’ wishlist with some items of my beloved Anthropologie as I did last year in a massive beautiful notebooks whislist. See below what I put in it!

Alba Benítez | Working girl lifestyle - How to style your workspace stationery

1. ‘A year of Sun’ journal by Octaevo / 2. Leather pencil pouch by Shinola / 3. Multiples pencil holder by Anthropologie / 4. Pen by Anthropologie

Alba Benítez | Working girl lifestyle - How to style your workspace stationery

photo by Octaevo


Who can resist to the stunning colors of that ‘A year of Sun’ journal? I don’t! Also I have discovered a new brand while preparing this post. It’s Shinola, an authentic American brand that works on leather goods. You should take a look at their online shop, they sell really cool stuff! I’ve already pinned their backpacks, keyrings and pencil cases. Go take a look!

How many notebooks do you keep in your drawer?



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