Tuesday July 14th, 2015

Last week, in my post about my latest discovery in footwear brands, I talked about how I appreciate the craftsmanship in accessories, especially shoes. Leather is a material that I love: the more years pass, the more beautiful it looks. When it comes to clothing, ‘brandy’ colored garments and accessories are -to me- like a jean: a basic. Then you will understand why I was so happy when I received a pair of handmade leather shoes in ‘brandy’ color, made in Spain, by Sqüirrel

Handmade stuff has a plus: usually, they’re one of a kind. As recurrent buyer in Inditex, I’ve found myself so many times in that awkward situation in the metro -just to name an example- when the girl standing next to you is wearing the exact same skirt, shoes or t-shirt. Being conscious about that, I try to look for garments and accessories out of the mainstream style (despite that other times I don’t care at all and I buy the hit of the season). I was very happy, again, when my uncles brought me a present from Greece: inside the paper bag, I found a handmade wooden&cork&leather bag by FW Bags. That one is actually one of a kind!

 Alba Benítez | Working girl lifestyle | Blog | Leather goods 1. Wooden bag by FW Bags / 2. Daniel Wellington St.Mawes watch / 3. Sqüirrel leather Holi shoes

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Let’s give a long life to craftmanship!




3 comments on “LEATHER GOODS”

    1. Gracias, ¡me alegro que te guste! El look es súper, súper sencillo… con este calor hay días que no me apetece nada pensar y opto por prendas fresquitas. Estoy de acuerdo contigo, los zapatos son súper versátiles y seguro que les daré mucho uso :-)

      Un besote!