Monday July 6th, 2015

If I had to choose only one accessory, it would be a pair of shoes. I feel atracted to ‘unconventional’ shoes, outstanding accessories that become the cherry on top -despite that could sound incoherent- of any outfit. Boots for winter, moccasins for transition weather and lots of sandals for summer. See yourself some of my shoes:

Today I was reading an article about ‘Made in Spain’ shoes and a brand caught my attention. Pablo Izquierdo and Claudia Pérez created Naguisa during summertime 4 years ago. Such inspiring timing! When it all began they were thinking of alpargatas, the traditional Spanish shoes, and many years later they’ve come out with a beautiful handmade shoes collection. They combine esparto –a raw material- with nubuck leather or cotton lining, a mix that I love because it gives that special touch that I was talking about. It’s all about textures!

Alba Benítez | Working girl lifestyle | Naguisa

The designers duo work from Barcelona and produce in Spain. I’ll take the risk and say that ‘Made in Spain’ -when it comes to shoes- means quality is guaranteed, since on my own experience my most comfortable and favorite pair of shoes are locally produced.
As usual, I’ve made a selection of my favorite shoes from the Naguisa e-shop. Too bad my size is out of stock!

Alba Benítez | Working girl lifestyle | Naguisa

Alba Benítez | Working girl lifestyle | Naguisa1. Fusa sand / 2. Hoian olive / 3. Soc ink

 What is your favorite shoes brand?


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