Monday April 27th, 2015

My everyday is quite intense, requires me to keep my mind focused and ready for creativity at work. Plus, I have to take up to 4 train rides every day, and when I’m finally at home there’s still many things to do: work on uni stuff, keep up with the blog, do exercise, take care of my social life, boyfriend, family… So, as you could say, at the end of the day I’m beyond tired -not only phisically, but also mentally. Eventually, it all becomes stress. That’s the hardest part! If you’ve felt identified in these lines, I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with all that stress too! Experience is a good teacher, so there are my 5 tips that can help you to deal with multitasking and stress.


1 | Set priorities. Not only your job tasks but also your life’s. Don’t ever try to do it everything, everyday. You may have noticed that my last post was almost a month ago… That’s what I do: I write down two to-do lists, one for important things and another for urgent things. Then I pick the most important and the most urgent to-do items from both lists so that I end up with a sigle list of tasks for the day.

2 | Listen to your body. Probably you’re so focused on your to-do list that you can’t notice that back ache, you can’t count how many nights you’ve been sleeping poorly, you’ve been holding a head ache for many days… It’s your body sending alarm messages! Try to have a quiet moment for yourself and use it for listening to your body, for thinking about what can you do for your health. Maybe is to start drinking water, maybe is setting new feeding habits, maybe is just breathing deep.

3 | Do exercise. This may sound a bit incoherent if we’re talking about super busy and tired days, but trust me when I say that only 30 minutes of exercise (walking, running, yoga, stretching…) can make a significant change in your mood and wellbeing. Personally, I like to practice yoga because it helps me to slacken my body and also I can liberate negative thoughts.

4 | Sleep tight. I know it’s hard to get to sleep when it’s midnight and your mind is still running like crazy, but the trick for sleeping well is having a tired body (as I said above, do exercise!) AND very important: do not use nor take any electronic device to bed, it won’t do nothing but keep on giving energy to your eyes and mind. I disconnect my smartphone and I use an analog alarm clock instead. Seriously, sleeping well comes first.

 5 | Stay away from conflicts. They won’t do nothing but making things worse. Interpersonal conflicts can hurt your physical and emotional health, and we don’t want it, right? Whenever you feel pissed off by a co-worker, a friend, whoever… take some deep breaths before acting. Is it really worth a conflict? Try to talk about the problem and provide solutions, or better, avoid those people you don’t work well with. That last tip will save you from many bad times!

Alba Benitez | Working girl lifestyle blog | 5 ways to deal with multitasking and stress | desk Photo by SmartFurniture

Since you’re here because you’re a working girl (if not, you’re welcome too!), I’d like to add two extra tips that perfectly fit in your daily routine:

Pack your bag before you go to bed. It will take you only 5 minutes before you go to sleep and will make sure that you don’t forget something important for the next day.

Keep a clean workspace. I can’t talk so much about this one because there are days when my desk holds mountains of books and notebooks, literally. Anyway, a clear workspace will help your mind to focus on whatever you’re doing, eliminating distractions and procrastination. Mine consists of a big white desk, a drawer for pens and clips, a few flowers and my iMac on it.

I know, these tips are very obvious. But when you have to deal with multitasking and stress, anything seems that easy and clear. Try to apply them and you’ll feel a huge difference in your mood, health and look.


 Keep calm and stay strong!