Monday October 20th, 2014

Every week they launch a new chapter -there’re 57 chapters by now- about their story, which takes place at their The Apartment in NY. These stories are about fashion understood as something quintessential, more mature than show off trends, almost meeting art. The Apartment is the perfect showcase for The Line’s lifestyle. Besides, all the items we can shop at their online store can also be found there. They’ve a carefully picked selection of high quality items and garments made to last a lifetime.

Build your ideal wardrobe, one that will endure through seasons and trends. Find the perfect look for a special occasion. Design, redesign, or furnish your personal space with quintessential things. Create your perfect piece of furniture by choosing colors, materials, and/or dimensions. To the trade (interior designers): Discover special home pieces and customization options.

Alba Benítez | The Apartment by The LineAlba Benítez | The Apartment by The Line

Alba Benítez | The Apartment by The LineAlba Benítez | The Apartment by The LineAlba Benítez | The Apartment by The LineAlba Benítez | The Apartment by The LineFotos de The Apartment by The Line

You just need to read their own definition to completely fall in love with their way of understand fashion, don’t you think?

Our vision stems from a desire to pare back, strip down, and pull together—the search for refined, versatile, and honest goods. Built to last but never boring, these things are a mix of established favorites and our latest finds from emerging names across fashion, home, and beauty. They are “quintessential,” a slippery term with a broad scope. Discover storied objects united by their staying power and the intention of their making, and see how they work together in the context of a carefully considered life as you contemplate.


4 comments on “THE LINE”

  1. Alba no sé cómo no te seguía todavía por Bloglovin! Lo acabo de hacer y me ha recomendado seguirme a mí misma (?) y a Paula Echevarría (?¿).
    En fin, que ya te sigo la pista sí o sí :)
    No conocía The Line, voy YA!


    1. Te perdono lo de Bloglovin! Más vale tarde que nunca.. :-P
      Juro y perjuro que no tengo nada que ver con Paula Echevarría!!! Jajajaja qué cosas hay que ver.. en fin, disfruta The Line que es una maravilla! Su newsletter no tiene desperdicio :-)

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