Saturday October 11th, 2014

One month ago I was enjoying the stunning city of Vienna.

Trust me when I say that the ugliest street in the city is beautiful. Also when I say that, sometimes, you’ll feel like you’re walking around in a  city model. Art is everywhere, but in a different way than Barcelona or Berlin. Klimt lovers, definitely you have to travel to Vienna at least once in your lifetime. And if Google Maps’ Street View is not available in the city… it may be for a good reason. You have to see it firsthand!

One can never miss the tourist hotspots of a city, that’s why you can’t miss the stunning Staatsoper, the huge buildings in the city center and the enormous Nationalbibliothek; but I prefer to discover and enjoy those places as if I was one more viennese girl. If I ever go back to Vienna, these are the 10 places I’d visit again:

Alba Benitez | Travel Guide: Viena1. Egon Schiele postcards from Leopold Museum. / 2. Albertina Museum / 3. Judenplatz memorial / 4. MQ Point shop.

1. | Schönbrunn Palace. One of the few places I’ve visited and have left me speechless. Prepare to feel like in a fairytale.

2. | Leopold Museum (and its shop). One of the 4 museums and 6 institutions held in the Museums Quartier Wien. There I discovered Egon Schiele and I fell in love with Klimt’s ‘Medizin’ that now is hanging in my wall.

3. | Oberes Belvedere. I’d be forever here, just to sit in front of Klimt’s ‘Der Kuss’ and stare at it for hours. Beautiful sparkling gold.

4. | Graben. I confess I like shopping excessively, but Vienna’s commercial streets are window next to window and that can be a bit overwhelming. Graben is a pedestrian street filled with exquisite shops and cafés.

5. | Palmenhaus. This big and old greenhouse is now a youngsters café. A good place to just be and enjoy the Sun -when possible-. A chill out in the middle of the city.

Alba Benitez | Travel Guide: Viena5. Belvedere gardens on a rainy afternoon / 6. Ampfelstrudel, delicious apple pie / 7. Sunset at Konzerthaus / 8. Just a frame of the thousands of postcards you can buy at Wolfrum Books.

6. | Wolfrum Books. Only one word: postcards. It’s a paradise! As if it was a CDs store, but postcards. I couldn’t pick only one so I finally bought 5 or 6. Also they have a nice selection of art books.

7. | MQ Point. Do you know that kind of gadgets we love at Natura or La Central? MQ Point has a myriad of them and I couldn’t be more in love! It is placed inside the same quartier as the Leopold Museum.

8. | Am Hof. Just a few steps away from the huge Louis Vuitton and Prada stores and in between historical buildings, you could never expect to find an open space emulating an Oktoberfest scenario. Am Hof is a good place to have a cheap and funny taste of the Viennese food.

9. | Danube. This was another WOW! moment of my trip. I’ve seen the Hudson river and the Tames river, and trust me when I say that the Danube beats them all.

10. | Placed in the same neighborhood as we stayed, there’s a fresh grocery market where you can basically shop for fruit and vegetables and Turkish sweets. You can also find Neni, a little café where you can have a delicious Chai Latte tea.

If you want to know more, don’t miss this travel guide published at ‘Dónde has estado todo este tiempo’.


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