Thursday July 10th, 2014

While I’m waiting for the day to have my own home, I am taking some deco and architecture lessons in order to have things clear for that moment. I’m doing it through reading the great spanish magazine AD España, my new monthly must-read. As do fashion magazine, each issue of AD España contains ‘stylism pages’ (how to get the mood with pieces from here&there), very interesting interviews, editorials about stunning homes, places to go, a bit of culture and a wide range of products and prices. One of the biggest discoveries I have made at AD España is architect Alberto Campo Baeza. His point of view about architecture is amazing and inspiring and eventually it can be felt in his work.

Alba Benitez | Arquitectura, Alberto Campo BaezaFoto: campobaeza.com

My eyes stops at whatever that have clear and straight lines, so you can figure out how excited I was when I first saw this photo of the building by Alberto Campo Baeza. The building for the Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía, in Granada is other of my favorite projects by him. My head is made up in terms of architecture, but recently I’ve started to appreciate many different styles for interiorism. I’d say that I feel brave enough to mix and match styles, but by the moment I’ll let the nordic trend stay on me. This is my favorite editorial by AD España so far: un piso en Estocolmo.

Alba Benitez | AD España, Lujo Zen

Alba Benitez | AD España, Lujo ZenFotos: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

To complete this so-called ‘learning process’, which is just about learning to appreciate that deco stuff that we have at home and never had a thought about them, I’ll call back Pinterest and my boards Deco & Stuff, Home soon home and Architecture which lately are on fire! Might we see us around there?



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