Wednesday January 1st, 2014

New year, new blog. This is my second moving in a year and a half and, for now, this will be the definitive. I promise!
In 2006 I started blogging in Blogger (Google), uploading photos+text as if it was a diary. In 2009 I joined Flickr and started blogging about photography. In August 2012 I moved my blog to WordPress -a more professional appearance- and now I’m starting a new chapter in my blog’s history.
I’ve really had a great time in Alba Benítez Fotografía, sharing my photos, learning tools for photography, writing about the topic… But lately I’ve been feeling I needed a wider topic to blog about: new interests, new hobbies… Time has gone by since I started in Blogger and my wish for 2014 is blogging about whatever I want.
What will you find here? We’ll chat about nice stuff, ideas for events, posts about photography, travels and places to visit, DIY tutorials… A bit of everything :-)
To start at some point, what about if I show you a part of my mind’s universe?




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